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  1. I am very happy with the product! I used it several times with some intervals and I really see a clear difference in shades. Beautiful whiter teeth, very very happy!!

  2. The strips are easy pleasant to use. Did now two working days. Waiting for the final result after the treatment.

  3. tried by recommendation of a friend and had whiter teeth in a few days time! No problems with sensitive teeth afterwards!

  4. I did not think it would work so well but it is a very nice product! Skipping a day is not a problem, the result remains. Recommended!

  5. I saw after using the strips a few times already a good result. In addition, it is very easy to use. I also had not issues with sensitive teeth. I definitely recommend this treatment!

  6. Great, this is the first product that makes my teeth actually whiter. Too bad it did not come with a shade card.

  7. Ordered the treatment for 7 days to try, after four days, you will see much difference. I will take another half treatment in order to complete the results! Be aware that you have to sit still for 30 minutes or they move easily.

  8. I got a quick delivery. After three days already a clear difference. Highly recommended.

  9. Great, fast delivery and it fits in the mailbox. I use the strips for a few days and my teeth look whiter. Easy and cheaper than a bleaching treatment. It works well and I will continue using it

  10. I purchased the full treatment (20 strips) for my daughter. They were easy to apply. The effect was visible after a few days. We took pictures before, in between and afterwards. The result was above expectations.

  11. visibly whiter teeth, good product. not harmful for your teeth, it gave no issues. Cheaper than at the dentist.

  12. great strips! Half treatment has been doing wonders for my teeth. My teeth are much whiter and did not suffer from sensitive teeth, but the treatment varies per person

  13. I am satisfied. first days some sensitive teeth but it went away by itself. I could see some results already after a few times

  14. Am genuinely surprised how well this works. I really noticed a difference and got compliments for my teeth whiter. 10 out of 10

  15. I often get compliments on my teeth it looks great white after only a few days. I am a loyal user of the Whitestrips I recommend it to everyone.

  16. I am very happy with these strips and you can do it easily at home and quickly delivered. All in all I’m happy

  17. Best strips ever, looking at such white teeth. Really happy with this and I certainly order again

  18. It does what it promises and you see results after a few days! Downside is that my teeth were sensitized during usage, but after the treatment ended this is over. Teeth remain for months.

  19. It really works! I definitely see a difference, and will definitely order a new treatment for whiter teeth! Sensitive teeth, I had no issues. Pleasant to use. Recommended!

  20. Fast delivery, white teeth after two days, or sensitive teeth, handy strips, they remain good.

  21. Teeth are white after two strips! Take some breaks if you have sensitive teeth and rinse with water.

  22. Have since childhood yellow teeth. Dentist had already indicated that it would be very difficult to get it whiter. Recently I did the treatment with these strips (half Sensitive White and immediately followed by the half treatment Professional Effects) but unfortunately no effect. The teeth have not become whiter. However transparent procedure and fast and accurate delivery of the store.

  23. The expected result is there and the shared information is 100% accurate! I recommend this product to everyone instead of other alternatives which is involves way more risks

  24. After two days already a clear difference! My environment noticed this as well. I’m going to order for a second time! Thanks for these Whitestrips

  25. great fast delivery and great fast results. Half treatment is fine for a beautiful radiant smile, after 3/4 days already beautiful white teeth. recommended treatment for all real genuine white teeth!

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