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Traitement des données à caractère personnel

You can visit this website anonymously. We do not collect any data allowing the identification of visitors, either by means of a “cookie” or in any other way (see below).

When placing an order, we only ask for your contact details (name/address/e-mail), as well as your credit card details (in the case of home delivery) in order to be able to process the order correctly. These data are not used for other purposes. The information you provide to us is not used for marketing purposes, nor is it passed on to third parties.

If you provide us with a telephone number via the web, you will only be contacted by, if necessary, to inform you about the orders you have placed online. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the items you have ordered have arrived at the store of your choice or when they will be delivered to the address of your choice in France.

You can decide that your personal data is kept in order to be used during a future purchase. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with a password that you can use when you want to log in for a future order (email + password). This saves you from having to fill in your details again.

During a visit to our site, you have the option of registering without placing an order. The following data is therefore found in our database: title, surname, address, e-mail, date of birth and password. This data is only used when you connect to our site: your data is then extracted from our database. If you wish to place an order on our site, your personal data (name/address/e-mail) will already be completed.

Your details may also, where appropriate, be used to keep you informed of our promotions, to send you financial information and general news. You can select these events or not (opt-in). In other words, you tick the box yourself where you indicate whether you wish to be kept informed of one or more well-defined events.

Rights of registered users

You always have the right to consult the data concerning you, to correct errors or to delete this data from our database.

You can change the information about you that we keep at any time. All you have to do is log in and choose the “define your profile” section to modify the recorded data. You can also always contact customer service: E-mail: [email protected]

If you wish to unsubscribe, you can send an e-mail to i[email protected] This operation is completely free and you do not have to give a reason. This is also mentioned in all e-mail communications.

Data Protection and Privacy

We use the best technological means currently available to ensure the security of electronic transactions. All personal data, including your name, address and payment card number, are stored on a secure server (using SSL protocol), in order to guarantee maximum security. As a result, this information cannot be read when it is transferred via the Internet to our website. You are informed via a screen displayed on our site (pop-up).

All data relating to our customers is protected against misuse. Information relating to your payment card is automatically dissociated from other information in order to increase its security. Always to increase security, never displays information relating to your credit card when placing an order. Each time you place an order, you will need to re-enter your credit card details. After one month, your credit card data is deleted from our database.

Use of “cookies”

A cookie is a small text file sent by a web server to your computer’s hard drive via the browser.

Either the cookie disappears after a session (i.e. a visit to the website). When you consult information stored in the form of a database, the system makes use of an elementary form of cookie in order to be able to send the user the answer to a question he has asked. These cookies disappear at the end of the session. This type of cookie, which the website also uses, is called a functional cookie. Random hexadecimal numbers are generated by an HTTP server (Internet Information Server), which are stored in the memory of the browser (browser); which means they disappear once this one is disabled. Functional cookies are in fact used to recognize Internet users and to determine to whom what is sent: there must therefore be dialogue between Internet users and the HTTP server; which can be conceived only in the case of interrogations of the dynamic pages of a site whatever it is. This type of cookie therefore only works with the pages linked to the various databases present on the website consulted. In other words, it is only an internal session number allowing the personal management of the various searches carried out by an Internet user in a single and same database. This is very evident when the Internet user in question clicks one or more times on the “return” button of his browser (browser). Without this internal management, the HTTP server would have the impression that each of the searches carried out by this Internet user are carried out by different Internet users. No management of the answers (contained in the database consulted) to the questions asked by our Internet user would then be possible. Our site therefore does not use cookies to save information about the visitor.

Either the cookie is stored on the hard disk and allows recognition during repeated visits. When cookies and other tracking data (e.g. logs) are linked to personal data, obtained during online registration or other databases, the owner of the site in question can define a profile of the user. The link between surfing behavior and personal data is not established on our site.

Usage de l’e-mail

An email that you send for information may contain certain identifying data (name, e-mail). We use this data to respond to your message. They are not saved in a user database (see the Contact section – your comments).

On our site you will find links to other sites. When you click on one of these links, you then automatically depend on the policy that this site practices in terms of the protection of privacy.

Votre accord

By using the Brantano site, you agree to’s privacy protection policy and you authorize the collection and use of your data by, as described in this statement.

Collection of information in “log” files

Finally, information is collected in log files. Brantano may use this information for internal purposes such as traffic and profile analysis and thus better match the offer of the website to the needs of users.

Modification and communication of this privacy policy reserves the right to adapt these privacy protection regulations at any time, provided that users are informed on the website or via e-mail. may use consumer information for new purposes, which are not yet provided for in its privacy policy. In this case, we will contact you before using your data for this purpose, in order to inform you of these changes and to allow you to possibly refuse your participation.

If you want more information about the policy we have in terms of privacy protection, you can contact us.

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