Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects

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The Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects is a thorough 20-day treatment. The strips have a normal strength and, in addition to whiteness, also ensure a clean and fresh appearance of the teeth. The result of an entire treatment is comparable to a professional whitening treatment. Up to 10 shades lighter.

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Customer Reviews

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Thanks to your points you can benefit from discounts when buying your Whitestrips™!

101 customer reviews

101 reviews for Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects

  1. Anna

    tried by recommendation of a friend and had whiter teeth in a few days time! No problems with sensitive teeth afterwards!

  2. Eva

    great strips! Half treatment has been doing wonders for my teeth. My teeth are much whiter and did not suffer from sensitive teeth, but the treatment varies per person

  3. Jenny

    I am satisfied. first days some sensitive teeth but it went away by itself. I could see some results already after a few times

  4. Elizabeth

    I am very happy with these strips and you can do it easily at home and quickly delivered. All in all I’m happy

  5. Marta

    Best strips ever, looking at such white teeth. Really happy with this and I certainly order again

  6. Gosia

    It does what it promises and you see results after a few days! Downside is that my teeth were sensitized during usage, but after the treatment ended this is over. Teeth remain for months.

  7. Kristin

    It really works! I definitely see a difference, and will definitely order a new treatment for whiter teeth! Sensitive teeth, I had no issues. Pleasant to use. Recommended!

  8. Emily

    Have since childhood yellow teeth. Dentist had already indicated that it would be very difficult to get it whiter. Recently I did the treatment with these strips (half Sensitive White and immediately followed by the half treatment Professional Effects) but unfortunately no effect. The teeth have not become whiter. However transparent procedure and fast and accurate delivery of the store.

  9. Eva

    The expected result is there and the shared information is 100% accurate! I recommend this product to everyone instead of other alternatives which is involves way more risks

  10. Thomas

    great fast delivery and great fast results. Half treatment is fine for a beautiful radiant smile, after 3/4 days already beautiful white teeth. recommended treatment for all real genuine white teeth!

  11. Tone

    Iinstant result used after the first strip, now used four strips and it already looks great. However, I waited 1 day after 2 strips, light sensitive teeth. Highly recommended!

  12. Thea

    Good product. I had my doubts at first, but after hearing many good comments and read about it , I ordered the half treatment. After two strips already visibly whiter teeth. The treatment is now over and I’ve already had to ask several times if I Professionally bleached my teeth

  13. John

    Have used the strips 7 times now and people see a real difference. The only downside is that I do get some sensitive teeth, but not very disturbing.

  14. Hannah

    I’m really happy with the strips. They work really really well. After the first day, you do not see quick results but if the treatment is finished, it works perfectly. So I ordered the strips already twice and now for the third time!

  15. Julie

    Have already tried several other things like charcoal toothpaste and stuff. Nothing had had the desired effect. Now I started these strips and I must say that I REALLY see a difference already after the first treatment! For me this is really a godsend. I will order again!

  16. Ole

    I ordered the half treatment. Very happy with the result! I did have sensitive teeth, as I have had with a previous treatment. Maybe I had different Crest Whitestrips. However, you must be careful to not apply them on your gums, because it may give some (but short) irritations. I doubted a bit whether this site was reliable, since I was it bit overwhelmed of all the different Whitestrips options. I tried it anyway and I received the strips quick, it was wrapped neatly. All in all: totally satisfied and highly recommended. Last advice: If you want suuuuper white teeth, then you better order the full treatment 🙂

  17. Mary

    To try Crest I ordered the half treatment with my friend to share ( 5 strips pp). Using five strips all my teeth are whiter and look fresh! But I experienced some sensitive teeth.

  18. Jan

    it works really great! Noticed after 3 days already results. I also received many compliments from my friends!

  19. Ian

    I ordered a half treatment.. did not work for me unfortunately.. what should I do, try another treatment?

  20. Emma

    I use Professional Effects for years! Very satisfied. I still get a lot of compliments.

  21. John

    Half treatment worked for me very quick. Noticed already a difference after two times. No problems with sensitive teeth!

  22. Anna

    I ordered a half treatment. Unfortunately it did not work for me. Contacted the customer service very friendly and happy to help you! Another attempt to do the treatment and with hopefully some results.

  23. Lynn

    Had taken a full treatment, you saw after two strips the result. Very white and I am quite satisfied. I will definitely order again!

  24. Marta

    Does what it promises. Sometimes suffered from sensitive teeth but goes away quickly. I do the treatment in the evening before sleeping, so you don’t have to bother

  25. Roald

    I was sceptical, but I ended up very satisfied

  26. Marta

    Fast delivery and the strips work really well!

  27. Stine

    Very satisfied. I am going to order again

  28. Anna

    I am very satisfied with this product. I applied it once and received compliments from friends and girls.

  29. Astrid

    I had used the Professional Effects but unfortunately little result. I sent an email and had some free Supreme strips that worked. Well resolved and excellent service and beautiful white teeth.

  30. Anna

    very satisfied, works good! And beautiful white teeth: D

  31. Jane

    Very happy with the result. Easier and a lot cheaper than the bleaching trays that I ordered at my employer (dentist).

  32. Arne

    Works well. Teeth have indeed become whiter. The strips also remain good.

  33. Thomas

    Fantastic these strips!! So easy to use and great results!

  34. Jane

    It is unfortunate that the strips do not reach the teeth in the back. I am looking forward to see the result with half treatment!

  35. Mary

    After half an obvious treatment result! I order now for the second time 🙂

  36. Karoline

    I ordered this and saw already instant difference after single usage, it is also very easy to apply

  37. Hannah

    After two treatments I noticed a difference

  38. Line

    I had received a 10-day treatment and after 4 times using I saw a difference. My teeth are whiter and I will definitely continue using it. I even get compliments on how white my teeth are! Thanks for the quick delivery and your good products. I’m very happy with it!

  39. Eva

    Very satisfied with the store, shipping was really fast

  40. Natalie

    I am very satisfied with the product.

  41. John

    My teeth became dazzling white!

  42. Ann

    Delivery was very quick by post, the usage is easy and the first results are quickly visible!

  43. Marta

    Fast delivery. The delivery missed one strip, but this was resolved immediately and without any problems. Teeth are clearly whiter already after half treatment.

  44. Ann

    Works great! I had no problems with sensitive gums. Sometimes just leave a day in between, effect remains visible!

  45. George

    Hesitated long time, but a great result!

  46. Eva

    I thought in the beginning that it was not working, but after four days I saw a difference. My teeth have become whiter. And I receive many compliments. I had ordered a full treatment of Professional Effects.

  47. John

    I am very pleased with the outcome and will certainly repeat this year.

  48. Arne

    Fast delivery! Strips adhere well and after a few days already result!

  49. Hanna

    Instant visible results after the first few strips. I am very happy with this Whitestrips!

  50. Isa

    Delivery as promised and immediately visible results.

  51. Maria

    I am very happy with the result, and after only using it 3 times! I did not have very yellow teeth, but they are now simply whiter! Great!

  52. Karen

    Very happy with t result and that after only 3 times using them!

  53. Roald

    Delivery of the order was swifty, approximately two days. The treatment was pleasant and the result is really great!

  54. Laila

    Ordered to see if it would really work for me as well, and it did! Very happy with the result and definitely worth repeating.

  55. Hannah

    I did not really have yellow teeth or stains, so I was curious if it would do anything. After four times I saw the results! Still doing the half treatment and very curious how it will be. The strips are very good and stick on your teeth, it works easily.

  56. Peter

    I am very satisfied with this product. After I used the strips twice, I saw immediately a slight difference! Definitely recommended, it really works!

  57. Arne

    The result was exactly what I had expected, it stayed very long white

  58. Stephen

    When a friend told me about Crest Whitestrips I had some hesitation about it. But I already a difference after a few days, highly recommended!

  59. Eva

    Whitestrips work very well, fast delivery. Many product options.

  60. Karen

    Good result and fast delivery! Will definitely order again!

  61. Ania

    Good delivery, and the effect is noticeable. Of course not good to do this treatment all the time, but the occasional treatment is good!

  62. Unni

    Amazing how your teeth are as beautiful and white. At first I was sceptical, but after three days I saw amazing results. Will definitely order again

  63. Vladan

    What a result. And what a fast delivery!

  64. Ann

    Refreshment treatment after 12 months, radiant white

  65. Maria

    This product does what it promises: white teeth. For several days the strips easy to apply, you let them work and an immediate result. Simply amazing!!

  66. Natalie

    Finally a product that does what it promises!

  67. Roald

    Today I use them for the 5th time and I see a big difference, I will order a 2nd half treatment. just great!

  68. Karen

    A friend of mine bought the Professional Whitestrips and told me they saw a big difference after three times. When she was finished the package, her teeth were whiter WHITE. So I ordered them too. The Professional Whitestrips had little effect on me. The Supreme Whitestrips I am however very satisfied! Eventually it will work, but you need to see what strength you need… So I needed a firmer one…

  69. Kamil

    Great result! No problems with sensitivity. Had many compliments about whiter teeth.

  70. Kjersti

    Great result! After using only the half treatment. The delivery was fast.

  71. Jane

    I bought the half treatment and my teeth have become much whiter! After 5 strips I had some tooth sensitivity, but a day not using it, the sensitivity is already gone, great product!

  72. Natalie

    Great product! results already noticeable after half treatment: D

  73. Hannah

    Had the Professional Effects half treatment ordered after I read many positive reactions… and what were they right! After day 3 I immediately saw a difference! Many also said that it might led to sensitive teeth, but not for me – only after 7 days some sensitivity with very cold/ice drinks. I take another half treatment for the Hollywood smile! 🙂

  74. Anna

    Good result after 10 strips, highly recommended

  75. Hannah

    Works very well with fast results

  76. Jane

    The result was visible from the first strip! The teeth stayed white after the treatment! Very easy to use, not time consuming and very good result. Will be ordering more!

  77. Maria

    These are amazing. I used these together with my girlfriend and immediately we saw a difference in the whiteness and brightness of our teeth. The process is very quick and easy and the teeth feel fresh and clean afterwards. Not much sensitivity, only for a few hours but it would go away very quickly. 5 stars

  78. Ania

    Honestly, one of the best things to whiten your teeth with. it’s quick, easy and you can do other things while wearing it. 5 stars

  79. Erik

    Good strips and excellent results.

  80. Hannah

    The strips are very easy to use, easy to stick on your teeth and you do not notice them once they are on your teeth. Ideal!

  81. Magda

    These strips work great! Direct good result.

  82. Trine

    The strips are easy to use. They make your teeth really whiter! I did not suffer from sensitive teeth. Just make sure the stips are not on your gums so you will have no issues

  83. Tomasz

    Recommended for sure… my daughter has started with excellent result, and ordered also for mom and we are both very happy!!!

  84. Ann

    After seven days I had such white teeth and is still clearly visible in photos!

  85. Hannah

    I’ve done half the treatment and have now clearly whiter teeth. The results are impressive 🙂

  86. Robert

    After the first time using the strips, I saw results right away!!! Now three strips later, my teeth are sparkling white. I will definitely buy next time again!!

  87. Mary

    I was very satisfied with the fast delivery of the supplies. The Professional Effects Whitestrips stick well and give a beautiful natural result after 10 treatments! I have not experienced symptoms of hypersensitivity during usage. Highly recommended :)!

  88. JAnn

    My teeth were yellow from years of smoking and drinking tea. They look really a lot better! Sensitivity is not too bad, I’ve only a few times suffered from. 5 treatments, I am curious about the end result!

  89. Ian

    The product really works

  90. John

    I ordered a full treatment of Professional Effects. I am very happy with it. My teeth are five shades lighter. I advise everyone the whitening strips instead of bleaching in a clinic!!!!

  91. Marta

    Very good, works very well

  92. Tom

    After a few strips I had white teeth! Perfect. I recommend this to anyone

  93. Mila

    Already brighter teeth after using 2 strips! They fit well in length and do not move and you can just talk and do stuff 🙂 will certainly continue with this!

  94. Ann

    stick, wait, white. +/- 7 days, once a day

  95. Peter

    Because I have sensitive teeth from myself, I do not use them every day, to make sure they do not get worse. So the result took a while. But now it’s starting to come and I’m very happy! Definitely recommended and I will definitely order more!

  96. Nora

    Works well (visible result after 3 days) and delivery took 3/4 days. good!

  97. Eva

    Quick delivery, very accessible for questions. The product meets all my expectations. After a few strips itself result. I order them definitely again!

  98. John

    My teeth have become whiter and certainly others noticed it too! After the 10th strip I felt some sensitivity on particular places, but that was already gone after an hour or two

  99. Rita

    I have been a fan of these strips and can recommend them all. They do what they promise, certainly not too expensive and are not harmful to your teeth.

  100. Robert

    You see immediate results!

  101. Mary

    Teeth are much whiter

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Product Information

With the Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects you get the Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of! Get the same results as an expensive in-clinic whitening treatment but at a fraction of the price.

Most people see improvement in their teeth color after just 3 days of using Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects. This variant of Crest Whitestrips™ can help you remove 14 year old coffee or smoke stains from your teeth.

You can add these strips to your daily beauty ritual and this variant also has the latest “Advanced Seal” technique so that you can continue to do all your daily activities without any problems during bleaching.

How does it work?
Apply the Crest Whitestrips™ Professional Effects for 30 minutes a day, and repeat for 20 days or until the desired effect is achieved.

For whom?
For people with yellow teeth due to years of coffee, wine or tobacco use.

– 20 days of treatment, 30 minutes a day
– Suitable for people with stubborn discoloration in the teeth.
– Comes with a manual
– Result remains visible for at least 12 months.

If you are new to Crest Whitestrips™, watch the following video.

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