Crest Whitestrips™ Vivid White

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Crest Whitestrips™ Vivid White is a standard 10 day treatment. These strips have a mild strength and are suitable for a refresher or for people who want their teeth just a few shades lighter.

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Customer Reviews

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22 customer reviews

22 reviews for Crest Whitestrips™ Vivid White

  1. Marie

    visibly whiter teeth, good product. not harmful for your teeth, it gave no issues. Cheaper than at the dentist.

  2. Grete

    I ordered the half treatment and definitely see the difference. Will now buy the other half treatment for optimal results, definitely satisfied!

  3. HAnn

    The strips are working very fast. I took the half treatment and I am very happy with the result. In six months, I’ll do it again!

  4. Marta

    Ordered the half treatment and you immediately see the results. Did not expect this. Good product and not harmful! 🙂

  5. Jane

    Ordered the half treatment to try it, but you will see a difference. Easy to use and immediate results. I’m going to order more!

  6. Karen

    Delivery was fast and good. Took the half treatment to try because I have very sensitive teeth. But I had no problems. I myself had the impression that there was not much difference so I asked my husband if he saw a difference. His response confirmed that it definitely works though. I will probably also order for him.

  7. Ragnhild

    Immediately saw a difference after five days. Works really well! Hardly had any sensitive teeth, while I have myself quite sensitive teeth.

  8. Astrid

    Product was shipped very quickly, so I could use it immediately. After 2nd treatment already a small difference. After the last treatment, my teeth were a whole lot whiter! Definitely recommend this product!

  9. Natalie

    Made two orders. Both came quickly. Works well and quickly. Got moderate problems with my teeth, but are now nice and white.

  10. Tomasz

    You do see a difference, but no more than 2-4 shades whiter. Perhaps that’s because I only did half treatment and drink lots of coffee, haha. For people with very sensitive teeth I would not advise it, but for me it is a good product!

  11. Jane

    Perfect white teeth in no time! It is so easy to do and the result is definitely there! Excellent website and delivery is very smooth! Thanks!

  12. Marta

    The strips were quickly delivered. In an envelope through the mail so I did not have to be home for delivery. The comprehensive manual was clear and good feasible. I had opted for the treatment of 5 days (Vivid White) it did not have the optimal desired result. I will add and extra treatment

  13. Ania

    I heard a while back about this product, I was first a bit sceptical. I thought it will not work. Because I had only heard and never seen it. I was still curious and have ordered the product. And with a good result, I can say! I recommend this to everyone.

  14. Viktoria

    Fast delivery, Strips are easy to use, Teeth are after the half treatment already slightly whiter.

  15. Kirsten

    good product. Fast delivery. Desired result. But I would go for the full treatment. 5 days is too short

  16. Elizabeth

    Since I was a little cautious if it would really work, I first ordered the half treatment. But it really works, I have already a lighter shade. To make things even more visible now I ordered another half. Next time just the full treatment. Very happy!

  17. Natalie

    I used the strips 5 days for half an hour a day and you will see the difference. Nice to see! I noticed some sensitivity that was not there before, but hopefully this will go away quickly!

  18. Hannah

    After two strips already results, I immediately received the request to order for other people.

  19. Jane

    I order the treatment now for the second time because I am very happy with the result. In addition, it is easy to use. To show a white smile is just great.

  20. Hannah

    Normally I never believe in such products. But I’ve used it for the first time and it really works. After the 1st time I saw instant difference. Very happy with it!

  21. Ole

    Ordered strips and it works great!

  22. Rune

    I ordered the Vivid White. The strips are easy to use, you just place them for 30 minutes while you can continue doing other things. And the result is immediately visible. After using two strips I already received compliments about my white teeth. Definitely recommended!

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Product Information

The Crest Whitestrips ™ Vivid White significantly whitens your teeth in a short period of time. Due to the renewed “Advanced Seal” technique (unlike the Crest Whitestrips ™ Supreme), these strips stick very well to your teeth, and talking or drinking is no longer a problem.

How does it work?
You stick the Crest Whitestrips ™ Vivid White on your teeth for half an hour. You repeat this for 10 days, or until the desired effect is achieved.

For whom?
The Crest Whitestrips™ Vivid White are ideal for  people who just want their teeth a little whiter, but also for people who have yellow stains from drinking coffee or smoking.

– 10 day treatment, 30 minutes a day
– Strips stick excellently due to the “Advanced Seal” technique
– Ideal for a refresh
– Comes with a manual
– Result remains visible for about 6 months

If you are new to Crest Whitestrips™, watch the following video.

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